• Q:What should I do if my toy bought from XuanAi doesn’t work ?

    A:Before contact us ,please read the user instruction booklet carefully to see if you can find the answer.If the instruction doesn’t solve your problem,please send a email to 421291439@qq.com. We’ll try our best to help you.XuanAi provide 1year  free Quality Guarantee for our products,please check  our website hkxuanai.com for related details.

  • Q:How do I check the authenticity of the XuanAi product that I’ve bought?

    A:There is an anti-counterfeiting label sticked on obvious position of the package.Scratch away the cover to see the anti-counterfeiting code.Dial the telephoe no. on the label to put in the code  and then you can check whether your prodcut is authentic XuanAi product.

  • Q: How should  I do maintenance for my XuanAi toys?

    A:Sex toys are secret  belongings and are for personal use only,please clean them before and after using.There are plenty of body secretion and lubricant residue on sex toys after usage.If left uncleaned long after using,they may breed bacterium.So ,we shall start to clean our toys as soon as possible after playing with them.Clean it under running water and rub it with you fingers.Pay attention not to splash water into the power source and switch button .Don’t brush it or clean it with acidic cleaning agent.Cotton is the best to Scrub the toy with after rinse,but premium paper tissue may also be a nice option.Then put it in a place for natrual dry out,but do avoid direct  exposure to the sun.Finally ,use special cleaning agent or dilute alcohol (75%) to sterilize it. You may scatter some talcum powder before storing.Do remember to remove the baterries  after usage ,otherwise it may cause battery corration.Use Flannelette or dust-proof pouch to store it. Try put it in a dry cool enviroment!

  • Q: Can I get a catalogue ?

    A:Please click the above link to download  .